Eating: German Chocolate

My friend Morgan just got back from a trip to Germany. Sweetheart that she is, she brought me back a chocolate bar! With German packaging! I don't speak an ounce of German, but thanks to WordMonkey I was able to get the gist of things. Mostly I wanted to translate the nutrition label to confirm that yes there are 552 calories in one bar. Guess I'll have to eat it a little bit at a time. I am an equal opportunity chocolate eater, but I am particularly fond of a white & dark chocolate pairing.

As part of my translation effort I poked around the Lindt website - in English and German - and in doing so I learned that this particular chocolate bar is not sold in the United States. This treat is definitely special and I will have to make it last as long as possible.

Thanks again Morgan!

P.S. - Happy Friday!

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morgtheborg9 said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your chocolate bar. Yes, in Germany the selection and quality are miles above our standard choice of Hershey and Mars brands. I actually had a handful of bars I brought back glad I picked the combo chocolate and white for ya! Genie├čen Sie !

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