My New Old Shoes

As daughters often do, I helped my mom clean out her closet last week. I want her to walk the fine line between old lady and trying too hard to look young. My main complaint with her wardrobe - which I have told her time and again - is her tendency to wear outfits that are too matchy. In my humble opinion, wearing matchy outfits is a tired trend and makes the wearer look old and frumpy. And my mother is NOT old and frumpy.

The upside to doing all that hard, tiring closet work is that occasionally I find some gems for myself. Take these vintage huarache sandals I found:

I was able to steal these away from my mom with the logic of "if you were cool enough to wear them the last time they were in style, you're too old to wear them this time around." I remember her wearing them in the 80's when I was a kid and I am beyond thrilled to be wearing them now. They are comfortable and they go with almost everything.

What do you think?

Bonus: every time I wear them I think of the episode of Friends when Chandler got his toe cut off and Jack says "What did you expect, his shoes were made of wicker?" and being reminded of Friends is never a bad thing.
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