My Life Is an Odd Venn Diagram

I know these aren't two audiences that often overlap, but is there anyone out there that watches Project Runway AND has read The Picture of Dorian Gray? It seems odd that one person would watch reality television and read classic fiction, but I do. I hope you do, too.

You see, whenever I read a book I always picture the character as being played by actors, celebrities or people I know. It helps me keep the characters straight, and it brings the story to life. For example, when I read The Fountainhead Peter Keating was portrayed by David Hyde Pierce and I imagined Howard Roark as this rugged red-headed guy I went to school with. I never learned his name so I always referred to him (in my head) as Howard. Is that weird?

But back to The Picture of Dorian Gray. I recently read this and the titular Dorian is described as a young, rich and stylish man living in Victorian-ish England. Given the time period his stylishness lent itself to vanity, foppishness, ascots and (possible) latent homosexuality. And who better to fit that description than Project Runway alum Austin Scarlett?

That hair, that smirk, that flawless application of foundation! Is there anyone better suited to play a self-centered Victorian playboy? And, let's face it, girlfriend can wear the hell out of some neck accessories.

Is it just me? Tell me you see it too.

To The Thrifter Go The Spoils

I had a little adventure at the thrift store this morning. I stopped by to make a donation, but I figured I might as well make a lap around the sales floor. Can't hurt, right?

My first find was a simple glass bowl that I snagged for a single dollar. As you can see from this (fairly awkward) photo the bowl is the perfect size for appetizers, candy, nuts, etc.

Next I strolled over to the basket bin - yes, that's a real thing - and I picked up this wicker basket, also for a dollar. He's quite handsome, but I think he might be more comfortable without all that fabric on.

Ahh, much better.

Within minutes of bringing him home, I put him to good use in the media cabinet.

 My new basket is the perfect size to hold hubby's x-box controllers and accessories.

He may already be pulling his weight in the practicality department, but he's doing some heavy lifting on Team Eye Candy, too. Look at that texture, the beefy handles, the shadows. Meow.

After I cleaned up in housewares, I headed over to the ladies clothes. I found two lightweight blazers for 5 bucks each, one red and one black. I am a serious cardigan junkie and, to me, a lightweight blazer is nothing more than a fancy cardigan. So consider me thrilled with these purchases.

I didn't realize it until I got it home, but the black blazer has some mismatched buttons; one per cuff and one on the placket. I don't know if that was original to the jacket or something the donor repaired, but trust that I will switch those out ASAP.

Since I can't help myself, I sifted through the tops, too, and look what I found for a measly 3 bones. The scoop neck is quite wide so it's a little immodest for me on its own, but it would be perfect under a gray cardi or black blazer. Now where could I find one of those? Heh.

Then on the way to the dressing room, I just happened to see a cute dress hanging on the end of the dress rack. I wasn't planning to even look at dresses but, come on, it was right there! And only four dollars!

I admit, it doesn't look that impressive on the hanger floor but it was very flattering when I tried it on. And even though the print may be floral or, even worse, butterflies I choose to believe it's just a twirly, abstract feminine thing.

Lastly, I couldn't leave without something for my little guy so I grabbed him some new pants for 2 dollars a pair. That boy is growing like crazy so I figured it was a good time to stock up on some clothes in the next size up. Moms, don't be afraid - or too proud - to buy your kids clothes at a thrift store (or yard sales). Most kids outgrow their clothes before they wear them out so buying secondhand is a great way to find practically new clothes for cheap. Cotton shirts and pj's may be a little pilled or worn, but more durable fabrics like khaki and denim tend to look brand new even after some serious wear.

So, that's my plunder. Have you scored any good deals lately?
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