Baking: Course 1 - Cake 3

Here is our grand finale cake from Course 1. We prepared a chocolate cake with chocolate raspberry frosting, decorated with dots and 7 Wilton roses. Brettany and I both practiced making the roses, but hers were better so only one of mine ended up on the cake. But, to my credit, mine was the biggest so we put it in the center.

The class seemed to fly by, but I feel like I learned a lot. Course 2, also lasting a month, starts next week and we hit the ground running.

Laughing: Adventures of Mitch

I was wading through the internets and stumbled across my new favorite blog. Entitled the Adventures of Mitch, his blog shows the perspective of a hilarious man navigating the world. He has the sharp-tongued wit of a Rolling Stone columnist, not unlike Chuck Klosterman. So far I have read about his experiences in childbirth and breast-feeding classes and the death of his beloved dog. Whatever he writes about, his tone make it light-hearted and laugh-out-loud funny.

Laughing: Laptop Bag

I couldn't resist posting this hilarious laptop bag.

Baking: Course 1 - Cake 2

Tonight at cake decorating class we learned how to do a shell border and drop flowers. Luckily this cake looks a little more elegant than last week's. During our practice session we learned how to make 3-d clowns, which Brettany enjoyed posing with.

Wearing: Valentine's Dress

I have the best husband ever! He asked what I wanted to do for Valentine's day, and I said I didn't care what we did as long as it was unexpected. My surprise was he would take me shopping and buy me any dress I wanted, and I could wear it out to a fancy dinner! I picked out this gorgeous blue trapeeze dress from Banana Republic. I can't wait to wear it!

Coveting: Green Accessories

The grass is always greener on Etsy.

Baking: Course 1 - Cake 1

Last night was Cake Decorating Lesson 2, but it was the first time we got to practice our techniques and practice handling the icing bags. Brettany and I prepared and decorated the cake together so we wouldn't have so much cake leftover.

For this cake we used standard piping and we used stars for infil and borders. I know, I know, it looks like our cake was sponsored by Limited Too, but the focus was technique not design. Our teacher was impressed - she said we looked very professional. Who know all the tedious drafting and model-building would help me decorate cakes? I can't wait for next week's class!

Coveting: Handbags

I couldn't help falling in love with these adorable, colorful handbags! These are so perfect for spring!

Baking: Sugar Cookies

Even though I don't get to start my cake decorating techniques until next week, I was inspired to do some light baking. I decided on sugar cookies, using my great-grandmother's recipe. The sprinkles bring out the kid in me!

Learning: Cake Decorating + Photography

I am setting out to broaden my skill set. During the month of February I am taking a weekly cake decorating class with my friend Brettany. This is just a beginner's class, but there are other classes available if I have the skills or interest. Once I figure out what I'm doing, I hope to post my progress.

Then, during the month of March I am taking a weekly photography workshop. I have dabbled in taking pictures, and I have a nice camera, but I need to learn alot more about the settings and other finer aspects of picture taking. Again, I will post my progress.

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