Anniversary Flowers

Yesterday was our anniversary - has it really been 2 years already? - and when I got home from work the hubby had this beautiful little potted plant waiting for me.

He's not much of a flower buying guy, but when he does he prefers to buy me a plant instead of a bouquet. He admits the "bouquets are prettier, but they just die and that's dumb." I couldn't agree more. I took the plant to work and now I think of him everytime I look at it.

Neither of us know anything about plants, but the tag said this is a Kalanchoe. After some quick googling my co-worker told me this plant is dense, bushy and a member of the succulent family. Even as ignorant as I am, I do know that succulents are fairly hardy, don't need much water and are pretty easy to keep alive. That's good news for me.

It's not in full bloom yet, but pretty soon this plant will be covered in little white flowers. I can't wait!

Nursery Quilt

This post highlights something (and someone) who is near and dear to my heart. My best-good friend Brettany - yes, the same creative Brettany that created the adorable cup cakes for my shower - made this beautiful quilt for the Peanut. She gave it to me at my first shower, but I'm only now posting it because I am the worst. blogger. ever.

I have it hung across the crib so that I can enjoy it everytime I come into the nursery. Yes, at some point I will have to put it away (suffocation hazards and all that) but for now I like it where it is.

I cannot get over all the cute patterns she found for the fabric! Apparently it is difficult to find prints that are cute, kid-appropriate and gender neutral, but I think Brettany did a great job! Paisley and polka dots? Yes, please!

Check out the tag! When Brettany becomes famous I can brag that I own a BTB original, and have the tag to prove it. Such a nice, professional touch!

Pardon the shadows and blurriness. I was holding the quilt with one hand, holding the camera with the other hand, trying not to block the light with my head and using one foot to keep a cat from jumping into the crib. Be glad you can read it.
Although it makes me a little sad to know that someday this quilt will get covered in spit-up, crumbs and cat hair - let's face it, everything I own is covered in cat hair - I can't wait to use it for tummy time once the Peanut arrives!

Suck It

What do you get when you combine life savers, icing and jelly beans?

Edible pacifiers! I had Baby Shower #2 over the weekend and someone made these (in gender neutral colors, of course!) to go with our cake and finger foods. They were too cute to eat, but I had to snag a few to photograph for my loyal readers. You are loyal, aren't you? Good, then I take back that whole 'Suck It' thing.

No Autographs, Please

Sorry posting has been so terribly light, but I already warned you that it would be.

I had to pop in to tell you that I'm famous now. What, you haven't heard? I got a very teeny shout-out on one of my favorite blogs. And not just any blog - the home improvement blog that has thousands of readers and has been featured on TV and in magazines. That's right readers, Young House Love. John and Sherry have officially recognized my existence. Which totally makes me famous. Right?
Right after I installed my dual-flush toilet converter I dropped them a line to let them know how fabulous it was. They love all things eco-friendly and budget-friendly, so I knew this would be right up their alley. Not only did they install one in their own 2 bathrooms, but they mentioned me in their post and gave a step-by-step tutorial to encourage other folks to try it too!

This thrills me in so many ways. Mostly I'm self-centered and it delights me when other people talk about me on the internet. Also it makes me feel good that I'm single-handedly saving the planet. Don't believe me?

You see, after reading their post I skimmed through the comments section and many of their readers said that they are going to convert their toilets too! It feels so good to know that I helped spread the word about how cheap and easy it is to help conserve water.

Now, I may not be as famous as John and Sherry, but we can't let their readers be more awesome than my readers. If you haven't converted your toilet yet, what are you waiting for?

If you need me I'll be having brunch with Captain Planet.

I'm Not Abandoning You... Much

So, you may have noticed that posting has been a little light this week. I apologize for that, but you may as well get used to it because it is going to continue to be light for the next month.

You see, the hubby and I have started to study for the first of seven (yes, seven) exams that we must pass before we can legally call ourselves 'architects.' We take the exam on June 2 and we have to study like crazy between now and then - which means studying is going to ruin Memorial Day Weekend and our 2 year anniversary (I'm not bitter) - otherwise we will have paid $400 to take the test all for nothing.

Technically I still have time to blog - I do a lot of my writing at work, on my lunch break - but the problem is I don't have time to do anything worth blogging about. Right now my typical day is: wake up, shower and dress, work, eat dinner, study for 2 hours, watch a tiny amount of TV to unwind, sleep, repeat. We're down to crunch time, which means we even have to study on weekends. Ugh. I could keep blogging at my normal pace, but I refuse to be that blogger that only posts pictures and links of interesting things that other people are doing. Come on, we're grown-ups, we shouldn't be poaching content.

I have already completed several blog-worthy craft projects for the nursery but I haven't had time to install/display them yet - I have this weird anxiety that I don't want to hang anything until all the projects are completed because I'm afraid I'll hang something in the wrong place and want to move it, which will require patching and repainting the wall. So hopefully once the exam is over I will have LOTS to show you, and in the meantime I will try not to be entirely boring.

Fabric Inspired Wedding Cakes

This definitely isn't a wedding blog, but I couldn't help but share these gorgeous wedding cakes.
If you remember my wedding cake, you'll know I love all white, super textured cakes.
my wedding cake, by Edible Art in Raleigh
How about a cake inspired by eyelet or lace for your upcoming wedding?
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