Anniversary Flowers

Yesterday was our anniversary - has it really been 2 years already? - and when I got home from work the hubby had this beautiful little potted plant waiting for me.

He's not much of a flower buying guy, but when he does he prefers to buy me a plant instead of a bouquet. He admits the "bouquets are prettier, but they just die and that's dumb." I couldn't agree more. I took the plant to work and now I think of him everytime I look at it.

Neither of us know anything about plants, but the tag said this is a Kalanchoe. After some quick googling my co-worker told me this plant is dense, bushy and a member of the succulent family. Even as ignorant as I am, I do know that succulents are fairly hardy, don't need much water and are pretty easy to keep alive. That's good news for me.

It's not in full bloom yet, but pretty soon this plant will be covered in little white flowers. I can't wait!


Rach H said...

Beautiful!!! Love potted plants as gifts- maybe somehow Ryan can have a hint dropped someday.

Bloom that said...

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