Nursery Quilt

This post highlights something (and someone) who is near and dear to my heart. My best-good friend Brettany - yes, the same creative Brettany that created the adorable cup cakes for my shower - made this beautiful quilt for the Peanut. She gave it to me at my first shower, but I'm only now posting it because I am the worst. blogger. ever.

I have it hung across the crib so that I can enjoy it everytime I come into the nursery. Yes, at some point I will have to put it away (suffocation hazards and all that) but for now I like it where it is.

I cannot get over all the cute patterns she found for the fabric! Apparently it is difficult to find prints that are cute, kid-appropriate and gender neutral, but I think Brettany did a great job! Paisley and polka dots? Yes, please!

Check out the tag! When Brettany becomes famous I can brag that I own a BTB original, and have the tag to prove it. Such a nice, professional touch!

Pardon the shadows and blurriness. I was holding the quilt with one hand, holding the camera with the other hand, trying not to block the light with my head and using one foot to keep a cat from jumping into the crib. Be glad you can read it.
Although it makes me a little sad to know that someday this quilt will get covered in spit-up, crumbs and cat hair - let's face it, everything I own is covered in cat hair - I can't wait to use it for tummy time once the Peanut arrives!
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