Orange Wedding Cakes

I love being married and I do not miss the stress of wedding planning. However, I am a HUGE fan of cake; especially pretty cakes. With that in mind here are some orange lovelies I spotted on The Knot.

Too yummy, er, beautiful not to share.

Bad Ass Sink

I don't know where it came from or who makes it, but I need this sink.

The hubby found this picture and as soon as I saw it I knew that sink had to be mine. It is the perfect combination of sexy and functional. If we ever get around to putting in new countertops (white laminate = blech) I will hunt this sink down. That is all.

Saturday Morning Treat

I am a creature of habit. I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning; oatmeal in the winter, yogurt in the summer. This morning I whipped up my usual oatmeal, but I wanted to jazz it up a bit.

my standard oatmeal, hot from the microwave - that's right, i'm lazy and only eat instant oatmeal

a small handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips (i could have grated some ghiradelli chocolate like i did for my hot-cocoa, but it's early and i'm still lazy)

mix and stir - yummy!

On a side note, don't you love my mug? I don't drink coffee, ever; I had to have these mugs anyway. I love the typewriter font and giant size - perfect for soup, oatmeal or hot cocoa.

What do you do to spice up the every day routine?

New Year, New Hair

I easily get bored with my hair so I thought New Year's was a good time to shake things up.

I am not a fan of my natural hair color. I was blond as a kid but as I got older the blond gave way to this icky, mousy shade I like to call dish water brown. My eyebrows are fairly dark so I feel like I can go darker and not look too unnatural. Plus the dark hair makes my eyes look REALLY blue. As for the cut, I asked to have all my layers chopped off and I finally got the bangs I really wanted the first time. I like the new look and the hubby says I look like College Lily minus all the eyeliner... I think that's a good thing.

Speaking of New Year's, let's talk resolutions. Actually, let's not. I don't do resolutions. I do goals. Here are my goals - some big, some small - for 2011:

- Study for and take the AREs. In order to become a licensed architect I have to take 7 exams. I took (and passed!) the hardest one last summer, then I took six months off to have a baby and get a handle on being a mom. Now I am back on the ARE train and 2011 will be the year of studying, studying and more studying. The plan is to tackle all six this year, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

- Keep losing weight. I try not to bore you guys with my weight loss journey, but I wanted to take a moment to fill you in and give myself a pat on the back. Here's the short version:
Lard Ass = 185 pounds
joined weight watchers
Got Pregnant = 175 pounds
quit weight watchers, grew a baby
Ready to Pop = 200 pounds
had the baby, started nursing, found my ankles again
Post-Baby = 175 pounds
joined a gym, rejoined weight watchers, still nursing
Current Weight = 150 pounds
still gymming, dieting and nursing
Goal Weight = 135-145 pounds

Right now I'm at the point where my size 12's are loose but I'm not small enough for a 10. I think I will get down to a solid 10 and call it a day.

- Be a good mom and wife. I know I will never be perfect at either task, but I want to be the best I can be for my 2 favorite guys.

- Stop being so critical. I am super judgemental by nature. I also like to whine. A lot. There will always be room for a good, old fashioned venting session every now and then, but other than that I am going to try to keep my negative thoughts to myself. My new mantra is "Being critical doesn't make me sound funny or smart. It just makes me seem like a jerk." Don't worry, I still plan to be snarky on the internet. This goal only applies in real life.

- Go with the flow. I also tend to be tightly wound. It's not my fault; it's genetic. I will try not to create high expectations and I will try to stay calm when my expectations aren't met.

- Get manicures. I found a salon near my house that will paint my nails for $6. With prices like that, why shouldn't I pamper myself every now and then?

So that's it. What are your goals for 2011?

This Is What Happens When Architects Play With Snow

The day after Christmas Raleigh had a snow day.

not my house
To make the most of it, the hubby and I - along with his dad, mom and sister - built a snow cabin. Yeah, most people build snowmen or avoid the cold altogether, but we're not most people. Allow me to walk you through our insanity process.

snow bricks

The crew formed bricks on the driveway then used a skim board to deliver them to the job site. The bricks were made by packing snow into lightly greased tupperware. A quick shake was all it took to get them out.


We used bamboo poles (leftover from an old school project) to mark the foundation then I started laying bricks. I served as mason and then hubby came after me to stabilize and level everything.

spanning windows

Because building a house from snow bricks isn't crazy enough, we added windows - 3 on the back and 2 on the front. We spanned the window openings with leftover slats from our Ikea blinds.

ceremoniously placing the last brick

To support the roof we built up the short walls then we placed 3 bamboo "beams" - 1 at the ridge and 1 along each long wall to support the roof.

installing the roof
The roofing material was old bamboo mats we once used as a privacy screen at our apartment.

Leftover mats were used as an entry path. My father-in-law teased us for putting a tiki hut roof on an Eskimo house, but what could we do? The materials were free and light weight!


All in all it took us roughly 6 hours and 600 snow bricks. It was hard work and lots of fun. Hubby is already planning our next snow structure!

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