A Room Good Enough To Eat

Next up on the home-decor tour is my dining room. As you may remember from my floor plan, the dining room is less of a room and more of a 'space' between the kitchen and living room.

Again, you can see our new blinds. When we moved into the house all of the windows had the typical white plastic blinds. I'm sure they were great 10 years ago, but by the time we inherited them they had seen better days. They were dingy and damaged in certain areas, but they still worked so we didn't think it would be in the budget to replace them anytime soon. However, on our recent pilgrimage to Ikea we found unstained wood blinds for a steal. They were too good to pass up! Now that they're in place our windows look so much better! The natural wood tones really warm up the space without competing with the gray walls.

Before I delve into furniture, I'll hit the highlights of my tablescape. The red ceramic S&P shakers are Fiestaware and the footed cake plate is an Ebay find from a milk glass scouting mission. I don't know the time period for it I just know it is old enough to be 'vintage.'

My dining room furniture is on the very short list of hand-me-downs that I actually want to keep. My table was given to me by my grandmother along with the pair of laminated wood chairs. They are both mid-century and one was made in Denmark and the other in Sweden, although I can never remember which is which without looking at the manufacturing stamp. The little table is the perfect size for day to day, but for special occasions an extra leaf pops out on either side to double the length of the table.

To round out my seating situation I bought a pair of woven chairs from (where else?) Ikea. I like that the natural fibers compliment the wood tones of my existing chairs without trying to imitate them.

And lastly, because we all know I love a good detail shot, here's me getting up close and personal with my new chair seat.

So with that, I will wrap up this Week O Decorating. Do you have any questions? Suggestions? Random yet brilliant exit strategies for the Middle East? Do tell.

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