Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Face Pa-Pa-Poker Face

What I am about to show you is completely different than the concrete clock, but equally as bad ass. Just in a very different way.

May I present to you Johnny Weir performing to Poker Face.

I don't know if this is considered figure skating or ice dancing, but I don't care. I love it. Lady Gaga + pleather + ice skates + Johnny Weir's signature sauciness* = all kinds of AWESOME!

WARNING: once you watch this, you may be compelled to sing Lady Gaga all. day. long.

*I don't want to make any assumptions about his orientation, but let's just call him festive and leave it at that.

via Go Fug Yourself


Katie said...

Along those lines, since you're design-minded I think you'll enjoy this: "Neutra Face."

Allison said...

Holy crap, Katie! That is my new favorite thing EVER! Thanks for the comment :)

Alhrayth said...

As a skating fan, I'd say this is figure skating, Ice dancing must involve a pair on the ice, and no jumps are featured. Not that it can't be entertaining... ehmmm... it can go from the lovely and classical and emotional (like my lovely friends doing an emotional piece on the history of immigrants at the beginning of 1900... to weird russians doing circus tricks in their program on the "firebird"...). that said, I love Johnny!

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