Let There Be Light

When we moved into our house all the light fixtures were brass and beveled or fritted glass. I'm sure that's someone's cup of tea, but is definitely isn't mine. Over the holiday we replaced the first of many light fixtures to get the axe.

First up, this simple pendant over the dining room table, purchased at Ikea.

Next up is the new light for our foyer. The first thing I said when we looked at the house was "I like it, but that light fixture has got to go." Why so harsh? Well, not only was it in line with the brass and glass motif, but it was a surface mounted fixture attached to a sloped ceiling! If that wouldn't drive you nuts, clearly you're not as neurotic as me. This spot called out for a dainty pendant fixture.

Aah, much better.
There will be many more lights to fall, but not yet.

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NikJames said...

You & Jason Miller should talk.

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