Funny How The Mind Works

It never ceases to amaze me how the mind works. Sometimes I think and think yet I can't remember something. Other times the tiniest sensation triggers a very specific memory or feeling.

As I mentioned earlier, I got together with family over the holidays to enjoy some homemade bruswick stew. The evening was wonderful. The air was cold but we all ate outside, sitting around a roaring fire. The news of my pregnancy was still fresh on everyone's mind so we were inspired to tell tales from childhood, and many laughs were had.

As the fire died down and the evening drew to a close we began to gather around the food table to pack up leftovers. As I unzipped my tote* to carry home my treasured pints of stew, all of a sudden I felt like I was camping. The combination of crisp air, the smell of a fire and the sound of a zipper against tent fabric instantly transported me back to my childhood and I could have sworn I was at Grayson Highlands with my Dad.

I love that such wonderful memories come back so spontaneously.

*Which I love, by the way.

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