Nice Pair

Once we decided we were officially looking for a house, this is the first thing I picked out - a white Eames inspired shell chair.* I found these back in October and demanded sweetly asked the hubby to buy me a pair of them for my birthday. At $99 each, with $2 shipping, even he couldn't argue with that.

He did grumble a bit about the retro, modern design. He was convinced they would be so uncomfortable no one would sit in them except me, and even then I would only be doing so to prove a point. Boy was he wrong! In fact, when the hubby wants to unwind and play some video games, guess which chair he drags to the TV? That's right. Even my overly Southern grandfather-in-law thinks they're comfortable.

*I got them from Overstock, but they don't seem to have any more in stock. They do have similar chairs, but not this exact model. P.S. - the throw pillow is from Ikea.

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