Morgan's Invitation Suite

That's right, an invitation suite. Since Morgan is having a destination wedding I had to up my game to share all of the necessary information with her guests.

First up, the booklet cover. Morgan requested this quotation but I'm not a big fan of quotes on the actual invitation so I had the bright idea of using it to jazz up the front on the invitation suite.* I continued my use of the typewriter inspired font and the gray, red and powder blue color scheme. I especially like the red accent color on the word 'love' at the end of the phrase.

Again, with the love of detail shots, I had to include this image.

When you open the booklet this is what you see: invitation affixed to the right panel and all the information cards tucked into a pocket on the left panel. Morgan wanted the elegance of a simple invitation but still wanted to convey lots of information so this was the perfect solution for her. The abstract mountain range is a nod to the ceremony location and adds a touch of whimsy to an otherwise serious design.

I stacked the information cards so guests can see, at a glance, what the cards have to offer.

Here's an up-close shot of the RSVP postcard. Being a modern bride, Morgan was more than willing to forgo the traditional RSVP/envelope situation and was even game for some fun reply wording.

I'm very pleased with how these turned out, but I'm not finished with this design yet. I still have programs, favors and a second round of invitations** to whip up!

*No, I won't stop calling it a suite because I like the way it sounds. Suite, suite, suite.
**In light of the destination wedding, Morgan and Andrew plan to host a casual reception here in NC after they return from their honeymoon.


Rach H said...

I really like the invitation suite! Lovely choice of colors!

morgtheborg9 said...


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