What's Yellow, White and Awesome All Over?

It's here! After what felt like an eternity of living with all my dishes still in boxes, I finally have a china cabinet. And not just any china cabinet - a vintage yellow and white china cabinet!

I really love how the white and yellow piece against the gray walls reinforces the color scheme of the living room rug. I would like to say I planned that, but I can't exactly take all the credit.*

I picked out the carpet several months ago with not much in mind, except I knew I wanted a gray-based carpet from which to pull a wall color. A few weeks ago my boss told me he was getting rid of some furniture and if I wanted anything I could have it, for FREE. Normally nobody in their right mind gives away anything decent - so I didn't get my hopes up - but I inquired anyway. He said he had a china cabinet, (hey, I need a china cabinet!) it's vintage (I love vintage stuff!) and it's white and yellow (ooh, that will match my carpet!). He brought in some pictures and it was a done deal. The hubby and I picked it up Saturday morning and I had it fully stocked before we went to bed that night. It truly is a match made is Design Heaven.

close-up of the molded drawer pulls

But wait, the story gets even better. The hubby and I are both architects. My boss and his wife are both architects. The couple they got it from are both designers, and the husband inherited the piece from his designer parents (who originally bought the piece). I think it's just perfect that this piece has managed to stay in the design 'family' so to speak. My best guess is that it dates from mid 60's to early 70's, but if you have any more information I'd love to hear it!

Last but not least I thought I would show off one of my beloved pieces from the china cabinet.

This is a vintage casserole dish that belonged to my great-grandmother. I don't know how old it is, but I think the color is lovely and the family history is even better.

*Unfortunately I can't share a straight-on view of the cabinet with you. If you remember the layout, the china cabinet is between the windows, under the bulkhead so that it straddles the imaginary line between the living room and dining room. Since there is another wall opposite the cabinet, I can only stand so far away to take a picture. If you really want to see it, you'll have to come over!**
**Non-locals - I promise not to think you're creepy if you pop by for a visit!


Rach H said...

I love it and I'm totally jealous of the colors! Looks great with the paint color!

Also, great story to go along with it!

You Are My Fave said...

I love the gray/bright yellow combo. Looks great.

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