Periodically I upload all my phone pictures onto my computer to make way for photos/music/apps yet to come. Here's some of my favorites.

What? You DON'T sit on the trash can?
morning fog
my fur babies
moon through the pines (amazingly this is straight from the camera, no filters or effects)
I freaking love spring

On A More Hilarious Note

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While all the fan girls were watching Hunger Games, the hubby and I went to see 21 Jump Street last weekend. Easily the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. Go see it. Now.

That is all.

PS - If you like your comedy with a side of beefcake, Channing Tatum will more than satisfy.

Et tu Brute?

Yep, I'm a traitor. I've only been at my current job for 3 months, but I'm leaving for (hopefully) greener pastures. Even worse, I'm leaving  my company (Shmowe's) and going to work for their biggest competitor (Shmome Shmepot). I guess it's fitting that the new job offer came a few short days after the Ides of March. bewaaaare

image source
Why am I leaving? I am currently a cashier and I was offered a cabinet designer position, which is a) more hours, b) better pay per hour, and c) somewhat related to my architecture background. You'd take it too, right? I do feel terrible over leaving because I really do love it at Shmowe's* and I'm going to miss my co-workers terribly. I am one of those people that thinks everything should be open, honest and fair and I have a hard time having interactions (usually in business situations) where I have to withhold information or tell partial truths. And to me, going to work with a smile on  my face when I know I'm in the process of getting another job is one of those situations. Everyone tells me "it's just business" and "you need to do what is best for you" but I still feel bad for leaving. Most people seem to genuinely like and appreciate me where I am and I feel awful, like I am betraying them somehow. I keep justifying my actions with this: I didn't set out to leave my job. I applied to both companies at the same time, and it just worked out that the better offer came about 2 months after I had accepted the first offer. So I guess I'm only a partially terrible person.

Today is my last day as a cashier and I start my cabinets job bright and early Monday morning, assuming no one stabs me between now and then. Wish me luck!

*Is it weird that I'm still writing "Shmowe's?" I think it might be, but I can't stop. Or bring myself to write the company's actual name even though I know you know what "Shmowe's" means.

A Gift For Penny

 A few weeks ago I got to go a baby shower for two of my favorite girls: my twin soul Brettany and her soon-to-be-born daughter (and Luke's future girlfriend) Penny.

I'm a fan of practical baby gifts so I gave her a whole box full of useful, been-there-done-that stuff to get her through the newborn phase. However, I couldn't keep my crafty side at bay - nor could I resist the urge to make something personal for Penny's nursery - so I made a little initial block that was very similar to some art I made for Luke's nursery a few months years ago. God, has it been that long?

True to form, I made it using stuff I had lying around the house. The "canvas" is a wood scrap I found in the workshop. The patterned layer is stripes drawn onto tracing paper with markers and the top layer - which creates the outline for the 'P' - is a piece of white cardstock. I chose shades of lavender and pink to match Penny's nursery.

Don't you just love projects that are as simple as they are cute?

How Is My Finger Like A Lemon Pie? It Has Meringe On It!

OK, that joke may only work here in the South, but wasn't it a clever segue into talking about my new ring?

It was supposed to be a Christmas present (well, technically, it still was) but it didn't get here until mid-January because I took my sweet time telling my MIL what I wanted for Christmas. Yes, we're those people that make wish-lists and ask each other what they want for their presents. It does eliminate the element of surprise, but it also prevents present guilt which is brought on by opening a gift that tells you the buyer had no idea what to get you but you still have to act like you like it. Plus, our family is big on pitching in on big-ticket items instead of lots of small presents. Practical and efficient, two of my favorite adjectives. But back to my ring...

I had been thinking for a while that I needed to beef up my "real" jewelry collection, because I can only go so far in life with only button rings. I also had been thinking that a good place to start would be a peridot ring, because that is the hubby's birth stone and occasionally I decide to be sentimental. After scouring Etsy for a long, long time I came across the shop of Jen Hough and instantly fell in love with her off-beat yet architectural style.

I quickly settled on the Move Aside ring and placed my order. It took a little longer than expected to arrive - Thanks, USPS! - but Jen was gracious and worked with us to send a replacement ring when the USPS (more than likely) lost the first one. I have to say, I love it even more in person, if that's possible. Partly because the form reminds me of an 'H' (our last initial). There goes that sentimental streak again. It is one of the few pieces of jewelry I own that gets compliments every single time I wear it. What can I say? I have My MIL has great taste.

What Has Two Thumbs and a Custom iPhone Case?

This gal.

Recently, after much deliberation (and getting the cash from selling my old phone) I finally upgraded to an iPhone 4S. And what's the best part of any new phone purchase? Getting to buy all the toys for it, of course.

The hubby already had a 4S and he highly recommended the Casemate Tough Case ($35) because it has a shock-absorbent inner case plus a scratch resistant outer case. I was sold on the idea but the colors and patterns available weren't buttering my toast. Luckily for this picky girl, Casemate gives you the option to design a custom Tough Case for just $5 more. Sign me up! And I already knew exactly what I wanted to put on my case...

A few weeks back I got some reclaimed (i.e. old and headed for the dump) lumber from my Mom that had the coolest mildew pattern on the surface. Seriously, I had been obsessing over this cool found-in-nature pattern, trying to figure out how to use it in some design-y way. So I just took a high-res close-up image of the wood and then uploaded it into the case maker and, BAM! Custom case.

I love that the pattern is subtle yet interesting, has an architectural feel without being too on-the-nose, and that it has a "secret"back story. Swoon. I also love that the 2-in-1 case is easy to put together. I can even remove the slick outer case and just use the inner rubber case in case I'm in a situation where extra friction is needed. Get your minds out of the gutter people - I'm talking about when I put my phone on the dashboard so my GPS app can get better reception. Geez!

So, if  you're in the market for a phone case I highly recommend Casemate. As if they don't sound incredibly awesome already, you should also know they have very cute packaging. What more could you want?

As usual, no one paid me or perk'ed me for my opinions. I just wanted to show off my new phone case (as well as casually brag about my new phone purchase). Although, if this blogging gig ever gets me any swag (ha!) you'll be the first to know.


I recently participated in the February Photo A Day challenge. It's simple, really: take a picture, every day, based on an inspiration prompt. And since I love taking way too many pictures, I was all over it.

Some of my favorites were Day 1: My View Today, Day 4: A Stranger, and Day 14: Heart. And no, that's not my baby belly. I'm so not pregnant. There is currently a March Photo A Day challenge, but I got lazy and didn't do it. I might pick it up again in April, but we have a vacation planned during that month and I can't decide if the challenge would add a fun dimension to my travel photos, or just be a pain in my ass. We shall see.
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