What Has Two Thumbs and a Custom iPhone Case?

This gal.

Recently, after much deliberation (and getting the cash from selling my old phone) I finally upgraded to an iPhone 4S. And what's the best part of any new phone purchase? Getting to buy all the toys for it, of course.

The hubby already had a 4S and he highly recommended the Casemate Tough Case ($35) because it has a shock-absorbent inner case plus a scratch resistant outer case. I was sold on the idea but the colors and patterns available weren't buttering my toast. Luckily for this picky girl, Casemate gives you the option to design a custom Tough Case for just $5 more. Sign me up! And I already knew exactly what I wanted to put on my case...

A few weeks back I got some reclaimed (i.e. old and headed for the dump) lumber from my Mom that had the coolest mildew pattern on the surface. Seriously, I had been obsessing over this cool found-in-nature pattern, trying to figure out how to use it in some design-y way. So I just took a high-res close-up image of the wood and then uploaded it into the case maker and, BAM! Custom case.

I love that the pattern is subtle yet interesting, has an architectural feel without being too on-the-nose, and that it has a "secret"back story. Swoon. I also love that the 2-in-1 case is easy to put together. I can even remove the slick outer case and just use the inner rubber case in case I'm in a situation where extra friction is needed. Get your minds out of the gutter people - I'm talking about when I put my phone on the dashboard so my GPS app can get better reception. Geez!

So, if  you're in the market for a phone case I highly recommend Casemate. As if they don't sound incredibly awesome already, you should also know they have very cute packaging. What more could you want?

As usual, no one paid me or perk'ed me for my opinions. I just wanted to show off my new phone case (as well as casually brag about my new phone purchase). Although, if this blogging gig ever gets me any swag (ha!) you'll be the first to know.


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