Et tu Brute?

Yep, I'm a traitor. I've only been at my current job for 3 months, but I'm leaving for (hopefully) greener pastures. Even worse, I'm leaving  my company (Shmowe's) and going to work for their biggest competitor (Shmome Shmepot). I guess it's fitting that the new job offer came a few short days after the Ides of March. bewaaaare

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Why am I leaving? I am currently a cashier and I was offered a cabinet designer position, which is a) more hours, b) better pay per hour, and c) somewhat related to my architecture background. You'd take it too, right? I do feel terrible over leaving because I really do love it at Shmowe's* and I'm going to miss my co-workers terribly. I am one of those people that thinks everything should be open, honest and fair and I have a hard time having interactions (usually in business situations) where I have to withhold information or tell partial truths. And to me, going to work with a smile on  my face when I know I'm in the process of getting another job is one of those situations. Everyone tells me "it's just business" and "you need to do what is best for you" but I still feel bad for leaving. Most people seem to genuinely like and appreciate me where I am and I feel awful, like I am betraying them somehow. I keep justifying my actions with this: I didn't set out to leave my job. I applied to both companies at the same time, and it just worked out that the better offer came about 2 months after I had accepted the first offer. So I guess I'm only a partially terrible person.

Today is my last day as a cashier and I start my cabinets job bright and early Monday morning, assuming no one stabs me between now and then. Wish me luck!

*Is it weird that I'm still writing "Shmowe's?" I think it might be, but I can't stop. Or bring myself to write the company's actual name even though I know you know what "Shmowe's" means.

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