New Year, New Job

Guess what? I'm employed again! I know you guys are probably tired of the hired/laid-off/hired roller coaster. Well, I'm tired of it too. But life goes on and I blog about my life, so that's that. I had some behind-the-scenes training last week and today was my first day on duty. All my co-workers seem very nice and the job itself seems straight forward and stress-free.

I won't tell you where I'm working, but let's just say it rhymes with "Shmow's" and I have to wear a red vest. No, my current position isn't really related to by design background but it's a company I believe in and I'm happy to be there. Plus, they are big on promoting from within and I could see myself moving up and getting comfortable over the next several years.

What's new with you in 2012?

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Rach H said...

I support this company too! <3

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