Baking: Course 2

Last night was the final class of Wilton Course 2. We have been preparing for this cake for 3 weeks. We made royal icing flowers and color flow birds, which were allowed to dry for 2 weeks. Last night we learned the basket weave technique and arranged our pre-made flowers on the cake.

Living: Grocery Bags

I don't want to sound like the people being mocked on this blog, but it makes me feel good to inspire positive changes in others. I always carry a canvas shopping bag in my purse, and I whip it out anytime I have to pick up a few odds and ends. What's important here is everytime I do it someone always says "You know, I really should do that too." If we want to change the way people view disposable products, we should lead by example and not by preaching.

Laughing: Stapler Suicide

These "Stapler Suicide" notecards, made by dreadsky, are perfect for anybody with a case of the Mondays... or in my case, the Thursdays. Send one to a friend in a cubicle for a pick-me-up!

Organizing: Craft Station

This rainy afternoon I found myself with two household dilemmas. 1- I needed a way of organizing my craft station (otherwise known as the half of the desk my husband has forfeited to me) and 2- I had some mismatched items in my china cupboard that weren't getting enough love. Put the two together, and voila, problem solved. I pulled these three pieces to store and display frequently used findings.
First I pulled a milk glass teacup I found in Biloxi, MS while I was volunteering post-Katrina in 2006. My second choice was a cut crystal serving bowl, a family heirloom, now holding my found button collection. It doesn't go with my serving pieces but it was too lovely to sit behind closed doors. Last, I picked a sterling silver Jefferson cup, given to my (now divorced) parents on their wedding day.
Not only do I have my tools and supplies within easy reach, but I have some beauty and sophistication to inspire me while I do my crafting. What could be better than that?

Organizing: Closets

Some tips for easy, and cheap, organization.

As a somewhat OCD individual, I love finding new methods for organization. When we moved I had a hanging shoe rack that was no longer needed so I repurposed it. I cut it in half and hung one piece in the linen closet and the other piece in the laundry room. It is wonderful for holding odds and ends: clothespins, lingerie bags, extra headphones, stray camera cords, the list goes on. Yes I realize this idea was featured in Real Simple Living several months ago, but I promise I did this before that. I am just slack on my blogging.

My second tip is for wrangling loose rolls of wrapping paper, and this idea is all mine. They make heavy plastic containers for that, but they cost at least $10, are bulky to store and are oddly shaped, therefore hard to re-use. My solution was to take a bunjee chord (standard issue for most households) and create a loop by hooking both ends to the metal wire shelving in the linen closet. If your shelves are solid, simply install a small peg or hook - it works just the same. Voila! Problem solved!

Coveting: Walk-In Closet

I saw this photo this morning and was so jealous I had to post it immediately. Found on Darling Dexter, written by my former classmate.

Living: Bathroom Envy

I am a long way from owning a home, and even farther from building or remodeling a custom bathroom, but a girl can dream...

Making: Etsy Collective Open For Business

Our etsy shop is up and running! I posted 2 items last night, but we have more coming. Right now I have the necklaces, but I have other ideas in my sketchbook. Cydney, my friend and co-worker, makes jewelry, sews and knits. Her brother Kermit does paintings and drawings. The shop will have a nice mix of wares so check back every so often!

Making: Etsy Collective

Last week I was invited to join an Etsy collective shop so I got to work producing and photographing some necklaces to sell. I will post a link once I get things listed on the site. Because there always has to be a method to the madness, I named each necklace after a song title or lyric. I plan to keep making and hopefully someone will find and love our shop!

"Little Sparrow"
silver finding and repurposed purple bead

"The Hardest Button to Button"
mother of pearl pallette beads and found buttons

"Whiter Shade of Pale"
clear beads and a clear pendant

"Mountain Mama"

natural gemstone with 2 polished garnets

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