Organizing: Craft Station

This rainy afternoon I found myself with two household dilemmas. 1- I needed a way of organizing my craft station (otherwise known as the half of the desk my husband has forfeited to me) and 2- I had some mismatched items in my china cupboard that weren't getting enough love. Put the two together, and voila, problem solved. I pulled these three pieces to store and display frequently used findings.
First I pulled a milk glass teacup I found in Biloxi, MS while I was volunteering post-Katrina in 2006. My second choice was a cut crystal serving bowl, a family heirloom, now holding my found button collection. It doesn't go with my serving pieces but it was too lovely to sit behind closed doors. Last, I picked a sterling silver Jefferson cup, given to my (now divorced) parents on their wedding day.
Not only do I have my tools and supplies within easy reach, but I have some beauty and sophistication to inspire me while I do my crafting. What could be better than that?

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