Organizing: Closets

Some tips for easy, and cheap, organization.

As a somewhat OCD individual, I love finding new methods for organization. When we moved I had a hanging shoe rack that was no longer needed so I repurposed it. I cut it in half and hung one piece in the linen closet and the other piece in the laundry room. It is wonderful for holding odds and ends: clothespins, lingerie bags, extra headphones, stray camera cords, the list goes on. Yes I realize this idea was featured in Real Simple Living several months ago, but I promise I did this before that. I am just slack on my blogging.

My second tip is for wrangling loose rolls of wrapping paper, and this idea is all mine. They make heavy plastic containers for that, but they cost at least $10, are bulky to store and are oddly shaped, therefore hard to re-use. My solution was to take a bunjee chord (standard issue for most households) and create a loop by hooking both ends to the metal wire shelving in the linen closet. If your shelves are solid, simply install a small peg or hook - it works just the same. Voila! Problem solved!

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