How Is My Finger Like A Lemon Pie? It Has Meringe On It!

OK, that joke may only work here in the South, but wasn't it a clever segue into talking about my new ring?

It was supposed to be a Christmas present (well, technically, it still was) but it didn't get here until mid-January because I took my sweet time telling my MIL what I wanted for Christmas. Yes, we're those people that make wish-lists and ask each other what they want for their presents. It does eliminate the element of surprise, but it also prevents present guilt which is brought on by opening a gift that tells you the buyer had no idea what to get you but you still have to act like you like it. Plus, our family is big on pitching in on big-ticket items instead of lots of small presents. Practical and efficient, two of my favorite adjectives. But back to my ring...

I had been thinking for a while that I needed to beef up my "real" jewelry collection, because I can only go so far in life with only button rings. I also had been thinking that a good place to start would be a peridot ring, because that is the hubby's birth stone and occasionally I decide to be sentimental. After scouring Etsy for a long, long time I came across the shop of Jen Hough and instantly fell in love with her off-beat yet architectural style.

I quickly settled on the Move Aside ring and placed my order. It took a little longer than expected to arrive - Thanks, USPS! - but Jen was gracious and worked with us to send a replacement ring when the USPS (more than likely) lost the first one. I have to say, I love it even more in person, if that's possible. Partly because the form reminds me of an 'H' (our last initial). There goes that sentimental streak again. It is one of the few pieces of jewelry I own that gets compliments every single time I wear it. What can I say? I have My MIL has great taste.

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Nikkola James said...

I love wish-list Christmases. I know some say it's goes against the spirit of giving, but who wants to live with the spirit of fake smiling over a sucky gift. My family eliminates gift giving for the adults, only those who are legally minors get. And they get what their parents suggest. So if they think their gift sucks, take it up w/ mom and dad, kiddo. It's a lovely ring, now I must go while away hours on etsy. Thanks Al, like I need more internet distractions.

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