A Gift For Penny

 A few weeks ago I got to go a baby shower for two of my favorite girls: my twin soul Brettany and her soon-to-be-born daughter (and Luke's future girlfriend) Penny.

I'm a fan of practical baby gifts so I gave her a whole box full of useful, been-there-done-that stuff to get her through the newborn phase. However, I couldn't keep my crafty side at bay - nor could I resist the urge to make something personal for Penny's nursery - so I made a little initial block that was very similar to some art I made for Luke's nursery a few months years ago. God, has it been that long?

True to form, I made it using stuff I had lying around the house. The "canvas" is a wood scrap I found in the workshop. The patterned layer is stripes drawn onto tracing paper with markers and the top layer - which creates the outline for the 'P' - is a piece of white cardstock. I chose shades of lavender and pink to match Penny's nursery.

Don't you just love projects that are as simple as they are cute?

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Nikkola James said...

Oh yeah, Brettany is expecting!!! Please tell her congrats for me and tell Penny the world can't wait to meet her. Well maybe we can wait a few more weeks, but not much longer than that.

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