Out With The Old...

Happy New Year readers! Technically, we've been in the new year for several days now, but my first day back at the office always seems to 'officially' end the holidays for me.

I'm not big on making resolutions, because I rarely keep them. If I do set goals for myself, it's usually to lose weight, eat better and excercise more often. This year, I have to do all that, except instead of lose weight I have to gain weight. The whole baby making thing, you know.

One resolution I will make is to shake things up on this here blog. In the past all my post titles have been labeled and categorized so that you know what you're reading before you read it. I liked this at first because it was deliciously organized, but now I think it's a bit stiffling. I want my blog posts to have funny intriguing titles. And, since I can still attach labels to the posts, you can still search by organizing, buying, decorating, etc.

So that's it. Did you make any blog resolutions this year?

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Rach H said...

I resolved to stop making excuses and get in shape - I want to be a better role model to my CIS dancers and flabby is not the way to do that.

I also want to create more. Yeah.

And see my friends more often- and be the coolest Auntie Rachel ever.

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