Coveting: Patagonia Tote

Right now my shopping bags are a rag-tag bunch: a few canvas totes and thin fabric giveaways.

I have been admiring the more attractive shopping totes for a while now, but they all seem to have a major flaw. The tiny storage pouch is a separate item and will undoubtedly get lost in the shuffle no matter my level of diligence. I have 2 shopping totes from Target that fold into their own pocket but 1) I would prefer my bags to not be emblazened with logos and 2) they discontinued them months ago so I can't get more, logo or not.


Things its got going for it:

it comes in 9 lovely colors

it is "made out of lightweight, leftover fabric scraps"

it's named Carry Ya'll... how fricken awesome is that?

Yes, it's $15 for one bag. However... a lot of items can fit in a good sized fabric tote, so I would only need 2. $30 isn't a lot to pay when I know it's greenly made, greenly used and pretty darn durable (Patagonia just doesn't make flimsy stuff).

Purchase It Found Here

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