Decorating: My New Bed

We ordered our bed over a week ago and it got delivered today! I am really pleased with the bed we chose -the style is so unique, and at only $600 it's a steal for a king sized bed frame. I originally didn't want dark wood because I was afraid it would overwhelm the room, but the low and open headboard allows a lot of light and the space still feels balanced. Our new mattress is dee-lightful. We got a 4" pillow-top and it's worth every penny - which is A LOT of pennies, but we bought it during a bedding sale and saved $250.

I am in love with the new bedding. Our old comforter was orange and white and far too busy. Our new duvet is calm and serene. Our new bedroom feels much more relaxing. Even Yo-Yo enjoys the new color palette.


Rach H said...


Yo Yo likes it, but how does Pop Tart feel?

morgtheborg9 said...
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morgtheborg9 said...

Dito. Rachel stole my comment. At least I read it before I posted so I don't look like a total poser. ;)

Ashley said...
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