Updating: A Few Small Changes

So as you may or may not have noticed there are a few new features 'round these parts:

-gimmeakiss* is on on twitter

-my archives are available to browse by topic

-the new banner is quite snazzy, if I do say so myself

-i have added the "you might also like" widget to introduce you to old posts

-i have joined 30 Threads, a NC Triangle Blogroll - I am new but I am hoping it will bring some new traffic to my little blog

Ok, enough chit-chat. I know everyone would rather look at pictures, so here are a few highlights from my weekend.

The weekends are when I catch up on housework, but I managed to find time to go to a family picnic and work on a handmade birthday gift for the hubby (more on this later, but for now it's still a surprise).

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