Wearing: Vintage Necklaces

I was helping my Mom sort through some old jewelry and she gave me 2 necklaces that used to belong to my great-grandmother. She thought they were too "old lady" but to me they are the perfect touch of vintage charm. The first she found was a gold pineapple. I just love how the recesses create depth with shadows. Mom also found a gold-plated oak leaf on a long gold chain. This is a nice piece on its own, but since Raleigh is the 'City of Oaks,' wearing an oak leaf gives me a sense of local pride.

Just as we were sorting the last box, Mom found a necklace that was hers as a young girl. The 'H' engraving represents her maiden name 'Hicks'. She said she had no grand plans of passing it on to me, but seeing as my married name is 'Harris' the charm was now perfect for me.

I haven't had these pieces very long but I've already gotten lots of wear out of them. Who could resist such vintage goodies?

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Rach H said...

Gorgeous jewelry! Lovely vintage finds!

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