I'm Not Abandoning You... Much

So, you may have noticed that posting has been a little light this week. I apologize for that, but you may as well get used to it because it is going to continue to be light for the next month.

You see, the hubby and I have started to study for the first of seven (yes, seven) exams that we must pass before we can legally call ourselves 'architects.' We take the exam on June 2 and we have to study like crazy between now and then - which means studying is going to ruin Memorial Day Weekend and our 2 year anniversary (I'm not bitter) - otherwise we will have paid $400 to take the test all for nothing.

Technically I still have time to blog - I do a lot of my writing at work, on my lunch break - but the problem is I don't have time to do anything worth blogging about. Right now my typical day is: wake up, shower and dress, work, eat dinner, study for 2 hours, watch a tiny amount of TV to unwind, sleep, repeat. We're down to crunch time, which means we even have to study on weekends. Ugh. I could keep blogging at my normal pace, but I refuse to be that blogger that only posts pictures and links of interesting things that other people are doing. Come on, we're grown-ups, we shouldn't be poaching content.

I have already completed several blog-worthy craft projects for the nursery but I haven't had time to install/display them yet - I have this weird anxiety that I don't want to hang anything until all the projects are completed because I'm afraid I'll hang something in the wrong place and want to move it, which will require patching and repainting the wall. So hopefully once the exam is over I will have LOTS to show you, and in the meantime I will try not to be entirely boring.

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