So, I've Been Wondering...

Do you organize your blog reader? If so, how?

I read blogs. Lots of blogs. I have - no joke - almost 100 blogs on my reader. Normally, when I accumulate more than 10 of anything I feel compelled it organize them.* But the question is how?
*Seriously, even my shoes are overly organized. Frequently worn shoes are on open shelves. Less worn shoes are stacked - still in boxes - according to height from flats up to 3" heels. Each heel height is sub-divided into closed toe and open toe.

My first thought was by topic, which seems like an obvious choice. I'd have the basics: home decor, fashion, crafts, humor, babies, etc. But what about blogs that cover more than one topic? Even my own blog - which is on my reader so I can keep up with which posts have been published - doesn't neatly fit into one category.

Then I thought to sort them by priority. You know, some blogs you read before all the others because, for whatever reason, they connect with you on a stronger level. I tried to do this, but my priorities change based on my mood so that ended up being more confusing than helpful.

In the end I stuck with alphabetical by title.

So what about you? Do you organize your blogs? Do you even bother?


Alisonian said...

Embarrassingly, I read over twice as many blogs as you do. I don't even really write one very regularly. Google Reader groups them alphabetically so I stick with it that way. If my closet were bigger my shoes would be so organized. Sigh.

jen said...

i didnt even know you could organzie blog readers. ha! i have 570 blog in my bloglines (yikes!) but im not sure i have the need to organize them. i just like that they are highlighted when there are new posts :) that's organized enough for me!!

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