Dual Flush Toilet Converter

Our little miracle is here! No not the baby, our new toilet converter!

A few weeks ago I saw a review of new green products and the Drop-In Toilet Converter caught my eye. This miracle gadget converts any household toilet into a dual flush toilet for less than $25.

For those of you that don't geek out over eco-products, a dual flush toilet is one that is set up to have a low volume flush for liquids and paper, and a standard, high powered flush for all the heavy duty stuff. The product literature claims this little guy can save a family up to 15,000 gallons of water per year!

Here's our toilet, with the standard flush mechanism...

... and here's our toilet with the new water-saving drop-in converter!

Once everything is installed, the only difference on the outside of the toilet is the new flush button. The top button is for the little flush and the bottom button is for the full flush.

I have to say, this product was as simple to install as it claimed to be. I suped-up my toilet, by myself, in less than a half an hour. It was so easy, I've already ordered a second one for my guest bathroom. It feels good to be doing something good for the environment and saving a little money in the process!

NOTE: The folks that made the Drop-In Toilet Converter did not pay me or otherwise perk me for mentioning their product. It is something I found, paid for and am using in my home. I just wanted to share the love with my readers.

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Rach H said...

Fabulous!!! Love how easy it looks to save the earth!

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