Pantry Upgrade

Over the weekend I took a break from the nursery madness to reorganize my pantry. Remember my fondness for re-purposing shoe holders? Well, I bought another one to add a little OCD happiness to the pantry.

The slim pockets are the perfect size for holding all sorts of kitchen gadgets.

The flat pockets up top are perfect for storing chip clips and Kitchenaid paddles, and the gusseted pockets hold all sorts of kitchen gadgets - all it took was some painter's tape and a sharpie to whip up some quick and easy labels for my assortment of plastic bags.

For longer items, like plastic wrap and a rolling pin, I just cut the bottom of one pocket - releasing the gusset - to create a double height pocket.

So that's how I added lots of storage to my pantry in under 30 minutes with a $15 shoe organizer. There is no end to uses for these bad boys!

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