Nursery Layout

Here's a quick sketch I did for the nursery layout. Much like the layout I created for my living room, I brought back this standard technique to arrange the nursery furniture. The single door opens to the hallway and the double doors open to the closet.

We have three key players here: the crib, the recliner for nursing/reading/cuddling, and the dresser that will do double duty as a changing table.

The dresser is a little smaller than the crib so, on paper, it fits better on the wall where the crib is shown. However, I need space next to the dresser for a laundry hamper and a trashcan for dirty diapers so the dresser had to move to a bigger wall. Also, the recliner is quite large so it could only fit in one of the two corners, and I thought it would be more pleasing to enter the room to see the front of the recliner rather than the side of the dresser. So that left the shortest wall for the crib. I will be adding a few more things - a floor lamp, hopefully a small bookcase - but they are small enough to work in later.

In this case there were lots of layouts that I played with, but in the end only one seemed to fit the room.

Next up is wall paint, so stay tuned for some major color!

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NikJames said...

Please allow space for the flat screen TV. You will need this as you spend so much time in the baby's room at night, you might as well watch Craig Ferguson.

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