Vignette #3

I'm back again with another decorating vignette. This piece was my wedding gift to the hubby.

A quick back story: The hubby and I got engaged in March of our Junior year of college and two days later we left for spring break in Biloxi, MS where we spent a week doing post-Katrina clean up. Our days were devoted to the volunteer work, but in the evenings we were free to explore the city or relax. Often we would go "scavenging" where we would find interesting items buried in junk piles - hey, it's not stealing if someone's throwing it away, right?

I found this board on one of our scavenging trips and brought it home with me, unsure of what to do with it. As our wedding day drew closer, I was wracking my brain for a meaningful yet inexpensive (we were still in college, so I was broke) wedding gift. Then it dawned on me to turn
this tattered board into a plaque that commemorated our engagement and wedding in one fell swoop. I removed a few rusty nails, but otherwise left the board in its damaged, post-Katrina state. Then I used the laser cutter to engrave our wedding date into the blank panel at the top.

Now whenever we look at it we think of not only our wedding day, but the first trip we ever took as a bona fide couple.

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Meghan said...

I really love this. It is a lovely piece.

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