Funny Instructional Diagrams and The Majesty of David Caruso

So, these are funny. You should read them and laugh at them.

Both of these shameful screenshots images are entries in a Cracked photoshop contest. If you've never been to Cracked, you totally should. It's funny and you can learn stuff sometimes. I can't tell you how many times I have, in the midst of an adult conversation, told someone "Oh yeah, I just read an article about that" then realized I read about it on Cracked, therefore I'm not actually qualified to talk about it so I just mumble something like "I only saw the headline, but just skimmed the article. What do you think about it?"
P.S. - Something you should know about me. I watch CSI: Miami. I don't just watch it, I DVR that shit so I can rest assured that I haven't missed an episode. Do I watch any of the other, less ridiculous, members of the CSI franchise? No, just the one set in Miami where a jaded, yet oddly good with children, redhead spends his days spouting corny one-liners and whipping off his sunglasses. Is it a good show? Not really. Is it the cheesiest show on television? Probably. Can I stop watching it? Not a chance.
In fact the hubby and I have so much fun watching and mocking the show that we make up ridiculous one-liners for our everyday lives and then follow them with a YEEEEAAAAHHHH!* EXAMPLE:
Hubby: Aw, we're out of lemonade.
Me: Well I guess someone [removes glasses whiles pausing dramatically] is going the the store.
*If you have no idea what I'm talking about, watch this montage. You only need to get about 45 seconds in to understand, but the full is 7 minutes is awesome in its own weird way.
P.P.S. - I am leaving tonight to spend the weekend at Merlefest. I haven't been in several years, and I am STOKED to be going this year. Avett Brothers + Elvis Costello + Steve Martin = happy, happy me.
I have a post scheduled for tomorrow, so you won't even miss me. In fact, it wasn't even necessary to tell you I'm going since you won't know the difference. But I wanted you to know I would be spending 3 days surrounded by bluegrass music so that you could hate me a little bit. See you on Monday.

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