The Easiest Makeover Ever

I was doing some spring cleaning over the weekend - mostly getting our miscellaneous junk out of the soon-to-be nursery. Among the junk was a pile of framed pictures that had yet to be hung. In finding a home for my forgotten art, the guest bathroom easily came together.

For a while now the guest bathroom has had no decoration, just a lonely red shower curtain the hubby had leftover from his apartment days. It's a high quality item and there was no need to throw it out, so up it went.

the shower curtain that got the ball rolling

As I was sorting through my homeless art a trend emerged - they were almost entirely black & white photographs. Only 2 items stood out: a pencil drawing I did years ago (still black & white) and an embellished print (red with black accents). Here's where my brain kicked in and I realized I could throw together a red, black and white bathroom for no money and very little effort. Those just happen to be the colors of NC State, the alma mater of the hubby and myself, and he has been asking for a room done in Wolfpack colors. I want to state that I DO NOT APPROVE of a room with a cheesy theme like college memorabilia, but the colors are there, so that makes him happy.

screen print on silk, embellished with beads and sequins

black & white photographs

John Lennon photo (purchased in NYC) / photo by Andrew Fulcher / Broadway photo (purchased in NYC)

drawing by me

the ring box is a nod to our wedding locale

So there you have it. Is this the most sophisticated bathroom ever designed? No. But you can't argue with a room that looks "finished" when it only took a few minutes and a few picture nails to accomplish.

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