Nursery Dresser

This is my last furniture post, but it's quite possibly my favorite. This dresser is something the hubby and I redid to use as a changing table. Keep reading for all the details.

Here is the dresser in its 'before' state. The hubby found it at a yard sale and snagged it for only $20!

Now, here's the dresser after a few coats of white paint, new hardware and some wallpaper accents. Yes, it would have looked fine without the wallpaper, but i thought it added some nice texture and interest.

I am in love with this wallpaper pattern! The blue and green stripes are a subtle nod to the wall color without being too matchy-matchy. Plus the white background helps it read as a pale accent without providing too much contrast.

And as a bonus, I was able to use the extra wall paper to line the drawers.

The real hero of this makeover is my hubby. He and I brainstormed together, but he did all of the work. Partly because he loves any excuse to be out in our workshop, but mostly because he didn't want my very pregnant self breathing all the sawdust and paint fumes. He's such a sweetie!

So there you have it. For just $20 and some white spray paint we have a snazzy new dresser for the Peanut. Now all it needs is a changing pad and some accessories and we'll be good to go!


jen said...

its gorgeous!!!

Melissa Ruth said...

Looks fantastic!

Meghan said...

Perfect makeover!

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