Perfectly Labeled Storage Bins

Remember my vintage rubber stamp kit and how I had big plans for it? Well, I broke it out over the weekend and created some organizational goodness.

During our New Year's Ikea trip I bought some super cheap plastic bins to help me organize my laundry closet. This closet is twice the size of my laundry room at our old apartment so now I have room to store things that aren't related to laundry. This closet is now the happy home of light bulbs, vacuum filters, and miscellaneous cleaning supplies in addition to the laundry basics.

I lined the bins on the shelf above the machines, but big things like detergent and the iron stay out on the shelf. Once I knew how many would fit I quickly made a hole in each bin using my cordless drill and all that was left was whipping up these super easy ID tags.

For the tags, I used my stash of manilla paper tags and went to town with my stamp kit. To be extra thorough I stamped the label on both sides of the tag so I can read it no matter how the string feels like twisting that day. It's as simple as that! As a bonus, if I decide to shake things up and change out what goes in the bins, I can always make a new tag in a matter of minutes.

My favorite bin is my trash can, cleverly disguised as a storage bin. Do you know what I hate? Having to carry the dryer lint to the kitchen trash can. Some little fluff of lint always breaks free to join its dust bunny brethren* on the floor. This way I just pop the lint in the trash bin and empty it once a month or so.

In other laundry news, remember this post where I repurposed a shoe caddy? Well that laundry organizer is back in action, but instead of hanging on the door it hangs from the peg board. I use it to store dryer sheets, lingerie bags, clothespins and other small laundry items that might otherwise get lost in the big bins.

So what about you guys? Any great (or small) feats of organization going on at your place?

*Yes, I admit I have a few dust bunnies. Even with regular sweeping and vacuuming dust bunnies are bound to happen with 2 full-time indoor cats.

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Rach H said...

This looks amazing. I love the tags! I need you to help me in my tiny bedroom. I don't have enough storage for my clothes. (When have I ever?)

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