Fancy New Landing Strip

You have no idea how excited I am to finally be posting this project. Hint: I'm really excited. I started this project last summer (back when we were in our apartment) and I just finished it a few days ago.

After seeing so many lovely (and functional) landing strips on the shelter blogs I decided I had to have one. At the time we were saving up for our house down payment, so buying an expensive table or cabinet was out. Then I remembered I had an old model stand hanging around from design school. So, model stand + wood top + paint and stain = cheap table!

Then (still in the planning phase) I decided I needed some art to go over the table and, again inspired by the shelter blogs, I fell in love with the idea of a plate collection. I picked up some random plates from thrift stores, Etsy and even Urban Outfitters. While I was out thrifting, I grabbed some accessories to sit on the table and work their organizational magic.

So I've had the plates and accessories for months now, but me and the hubby finally rolled up our sleeves and got the table finished over the weekend then hung the plates Monday night! So without further ado, I present my new landing strip!

Admittedly, the lighting is more than a bit funky here. The only way to photograph this space is to stand on my porch with the door open, hence the Jekyll/Hyde lighting sitch. But I kind of like it - it's striking, in an odd sort of way.

view of the plates with slightly more even lighting

close up of the table top

pitcher: thrifted / mail holder: Old Navy / yellow bowl: thrifted

the pitcher, sitting atop some of my favorite books, holds my sunglasses

the yellow bowl holds keys and wallets, his & hers style

vintage plate from Etsy

vintage bowl and plate, from Etsy

So there you have it - my new and awesome (to me) landing strip. I love the bold pops of yellow and aqua and the key bowl makes it so much easier for my hubby to get out the door in the morning - he's kind of a put my keys wherever and not remember where kind of guy - so this really helps him stay organized.
I didn't keep track of the budget for this little project but I know it wasn't much. The thrifted plates were all super cheap (except for the few I bought new) and paint is always the cheapest way to makeover anything!
Any new projects going on with you?


Rach H said...

Ummmmm...I thought a landing strip was something else. Dirty Minded I am!!

Looks lovely!

Brettany Brown said...

Rach - I totally thought the same thing when I first read the title...she did that on purpose because I KNOW Allison did not overlook that : )

mama - color palette = yummmm

Chelsie. said...

Do you still have the mail holder? I have looked everywhere for this :( are you interested selling yours?

Allison said...

I'm glad you like it, but I'm not ready to part with mine yet :) Since it was a random item at Old Navy I'm not holding my breath they'll get more in, but maybe try eBay and thrift stores to find something else with character!

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