Fashion Epiphanies

Before I start talking about the topic at hand, I have to preface this posts with two statements:

1) I am not posting my outfits because I think I look awesome, pretty, well-dressed, etc. I just wanted to show you how I have been experimenting with my wardrobe. And yes, I know I look chubby. Cut a pregger some slack.

2) Excuse the TERRIBLE lighting. Since it's winter, it is dark when I get dressed and it is dark when I get home. I would prefer natural light but I had to shoot these in my room with - god forbid - the flash on. I'm not brave enough to walk outside my office, tripod in hand, and take pictures of myself on the sidewalk. Ditto on getting someone else to take it for me.


Inspired by a recent guest lecture on dressing well in the cold, I decided to try my hand at what I learned. After a bit of experimentation I found I can layer thin long underwear under open weave tights. This look works as long as my boots are tall enough to cover the bottom of the long underwear.

As I sat down to write this post I realized I have been much braver lately, thanks to the ladies of Academichic. Because of their tutelage I have been bold enough to try:

photo via Academichic

How I wore it: I started with a foundation of mixed browns - t-shirt, wrap dress, textured tights and slouchy boots. To punch it up I layered on a peacock blue sundress and my DIY orange summer scarf.

layered necklines

brown on brown


photo via Academichic

How I Wore It: This outfit was built around the patterned tights. I wanted to let the pattern be the star of this ensemble so I added black ankle boots, a black cotton summer dress and my black boyfriend cardigan. It needed a splash of color, so I grabbed my purple scarf. The whole thing looked too slouchy so I thought I would add a belt. That was too much look, but I remembered I could belt the scarf to unify the accessories and avoid the attention grabbing battle of scarf vs. belt.


photo via Academichic

How I Wore It: This look started with the sweater skirt. The colors are technically 2 shades of blue, but I've always found I like pairing it with grays for a subtle palette. I topped it with a gray turtleneck and added gray tights, layered over black leggings, for warmth. To mix it up I wore my cognac brown boots and wore a caramel belt to reinforce the addition of browns. I am now a huge fan of pairing warm browns with black and gray.


I never noticed this while reading Academichic, but in pulling inspiration photos I realized I relate much more to A's style than that of E or S. But I do really enjoy seeing fashion from their three different perspectives because it offers more to learn from.

In an effort to step up my fashion game, I also started following the 'Daily Wear' photostream of Whitney from Darling Dexter.

The biggest thing I have learned is to rethink how I see my clothes. An item doesn't have to only be a 'summer top' or a cocktail dress. If I play with how I wear it I can get so much more use out of my existing wardrobe.

What about you guys? Any fashion lessons you're putting to the test?


Rach H said...

For me it is a daily battle of tennis shoes or snow boots. BOO!

You Are My Fave said...

I love your layering. You look cute. I like your two statements.

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