Making: Upcycled Summer Scarf

Because posting has been so light lately - ok, almost non-existant - I got on the ball and wrote lots of posts to hold me over while we paint/pack/move/etc. By next week my sanity will be dwindling and you do not want me writing new content in that condition.

Anywho... I'll kick off my series of pre-scheduled posts with my DIY scarf. Inspired by this crafty chica, I set out to follow her tutorial for the summer scarf:

I'm a big fan of scarves any time of year - I am always, always cold - so I thought this would be a great opportunity to purge some of my giant giveaway T's that have been pilling up.

For my first attempt I followed her tutorial to the letter, and my results were... just ok. There were 2 key problems for me: 1) She recommended using an XL t-shirt which has a lot of volume. I have a petite torso - small shoulders, short waist and all that - so it was a little overwhelming on me; 2) I did the fringe because I thought it would be a fun detail. Not so much. It was a lot of look for me, so I will probably go back and cut off the fringe.

My subsequent attempts were much more successful; I downgraded to M and L t-shirts and ditched the fringe. I like the outcome because it creates a light-weight scarf perfect for transitional weather. My office is in an old, drafty building and I often wear scarves all day to keep the chill off my neck.*

Another bonus is its versatility. I can wear it long like a scarf...

... or doubled up like a choker.

As usual, I am a fan of any project where I can make something useful out of something I would normally wash the car with. This is such a simple project (it literally took me 45 seconds to cut up the shirt with a rotary cutter**) you could stock up on $0.25 t-shirts from Goodwill and make a scarf in every color.

So, any fun tutorials out there I'm missing out on? Any trash to treasure DIY you've come up with? Do tell!

*Yes, I'm secretly an old lady. I also complain to my landlord when my neighbors don't clean up after their dogs.

**Prior to this project I didn't own a rotary cutter, because no one bothered to tell me how awesome they are. Cutting t-shirts with scissors = lame.

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Rach H said...

Oh too cute!!!

I want a rotary cutter! Sounds awesome!

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