Going: LEGO Store

The hubby and I were walking around the mall over the weekend when he spotted the new LEGO store. His eyes lit up like a little kid and said "Can we go in there?" Being a total LEGO nerd myself, I said "Hell yeah!"

The front of the store had large glass displays with assembled specialty kits. My favorite was the LEGO valentine. I would be so thrilled to get this for a special occasion.

The back wall of the store was covered in these clear plastic bins. From far away the display looks like giant LEGO blocks...

... but upon closer inspection I realize each bin holds open stock LEGO parts. How cool is that? The one thing that always kept me from really going wild with my blocks was the shortage of specialty parts.
I couldn't resist taking this shot down the wall.
Lastly, I was very tempted to purchase a stormtrooper keychain. The store had a whole rack of keychains made from common - and not so common - LEGO characters. As you may remember from here, I find stormtrooper accessories quite amusing.

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