Buying: New Stamp for a New House

I just got a new goody from Etsy! In preparation for our upcoming move, I bought a return address stamp from Modern Art Stamps. I plan on making my own change of address announcements, and a stamp will make my life so much easier - not to mention it will look cute on future birthday cards and thank you notes.

First of all, my stamp came all the way from Costa Rica! I really love the volcano postage stamp and the 'handmade with love' custom stamp she used (even if it did get splattered in the rain).

Each of her stamps comes hand-cut and unmounted, although she will mount it for a small fee. I tried it out unmounted, and it works well enough, but I will definitely be getting a mounting block in the near future.

Here's my test print. Of course I picked an owl stamp, and I think he's just so cute in a vintage sort of way!

You know me, I won't ever show the internet my address - safety first! - but you can see the full design with a sample address here.
So how about you guys? Are there any stationary splurges you can't live without?


*ChElSeA fAyE* said...

That is the cutest stamp!! :)

You Are My Fave said...

You made that stamp? Love it.

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