Living: I Have a Case of the Blahs

Do you ever just feel 'blah?' Well I do. I feel so overwhelmed by packing, moving and grown-up mortgage stuff I haven't felt very inspired lately, blog-wise.

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Hopefully next week will pull me out of my blogging funk. We close on our house on Monday, so I promise to rush over and take lots of 'before' pictures to share with you. Then there's all the To-Do List maddness... You see we don't have to be out of our apartment until December 15 so we have a whole month to try to paint and get a few things done before we have to move all of our stuff in. Which is a good thing, but now I have all the unreal expectations of what I think I can accomplish in that month.
So I promise to stop being 'blah' very soon. In the meantime, I may just have to post some flikr eye candy for a few days. My apologies.

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Rach H said...

I've been living in blah mode for about 2 months now. This grad school thing is no joke and my blogging and creating have fallen by the wayside.
I only have one more week of class and then it will be tons of ME time!

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