Coveting: Owls

You know how some people have things they like to collect? My mom likes elephants, my grandmother likes carousels - you get the point. Well, my great-grandmother collected owls. I never really had a "thing" to collect, so in honor of Granny, I think I'm into owls now. I don't want to go nuts and have owls all over my apartment, but a piece of jewelry here or a cookie jar there would be a nice tribute, don't you think?

All items found on Etsy.


Ginny said...

I love owls too, but I don't really have any. It seems like in the past year or so they're starting to show up in fashion and jewelry more. What a wonderful way to honor your grandmother!

Melissa said...

Just started reading your blog, and I'm really enjoying it! I also have an inexplicable love of owl trinkets (strangely enough, I think the trinkets are cute, but not actual owls).

Allison said...

Melissa- I'm the same way. I like retro or graphic owls but not realistic nature drawings!

Thanks for reading!

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