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The hubby is in a fantasy football league and this year the guys upped the awesome factor by holding a live draft with all the 'team owners' in one room. To mark the occasion he thought it would be fun to design a logo for each team and put the logo on a t-shirt. Hubby and I got together with Brettany to brainstorm about graphics then Brettany hand drew the logos and the hubby and I added color and printed them on shirts.

First we designed a league logo that would appear on each shirt. The league has never had a mascot so we whipped up this gnome referee. Get it? Fantasy football... gnomes... in referee jerseys? I love a good pun.
Each team owner gets to name their team and since the league is mostly guys under 30 the names are, shall we say, suggestive. I can't tell the story behind every team name but I can tell you about the hubby's team. His first year in the league he drafted a wide receiver named Reggie Wayne. That name is a bit of a tongue twister and everyone, especially the hubby, kept saying Wedgie Rain all season. Everytime he said it we all had giggling fits and he knew that would be his team name from then on out.

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Rach H said...

Those are adorable! Makes me wish I were in your league!

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