Wearing: 1 Skirt 3 Ways

During one of my recent thrifting trips I bought this beautiful piece - a brown tweed pencil skirt with flecks of red, yellow and purple. This is such a classic, I can wear this with so much of my existing wardrobe.

In fact, by changing out my shirt, shoes and accessories I can create 3 distinct looks with the same skirt.

Look #1
Top: brown fitted t-shirt
Shoes: gold ballet flats
Accessories: brown button ring, gold oak leaf necklace
Where I Would Wear It: grabbing brunch, running errands
This Looks Says: I'm casual and comfortable without sacrificing style.

Look #2
Top: white ruffled button up
Shoes: brown peep-toe pumps
Accessories: brown cocktail ring, chunky pearls
Where I Would Wear It: important business lunch, meeting his folks for the first time
This Looks Says: I'm serious without being bland. I deserve attention and respect.

Look #3
Top: cream camisole, raspberry cardigan
Shoes: brown boots
Accessories: yellow glass ring, caramel braided belt
Where I Would Wear It: casual work day, dinner with friends
This Looks Says: I'm classic yet stylish, and well put together.

Tell me, what wardrobe staple do you like to dress up or down?

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Amy@OldSweetSong said...

this is such a cute post!

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