Coveting: Linen Case for iThings

When I can finally get my iphone I must have this super-swanky case to protect my precious.* My favorite feature is the pocket for earbuds (or cash, or ID, or whatever). I have seen lots of cute cases but very have a place for earbuds that isn't the bottom of my purse. I also want the coordinating clutch to keep track of all my Weight Watchers stuff.**

I was worried about the white fabric getting dingy and gross but the seller assured me it was machine washable, and that I could Scotchgard it. I love Etsy - I can actually communicate with a designer before I shell out my money.

*I'm weird and I name my stuff. I am seriously considering 'my precious' for my future iphone.
**Yes, I've gotten a bit fat but I'm doing something about it. I just figured you guys don't want to hear about that, AT ALL.

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