Buying: Thrifted Delights

With the temperatures dropping, I have been beefing up my fall wardrobe. I could have spent lots of money on new threads but I chose to hit up various second hand stores to get lots of style for a fraction of the price.

First I stopped in the GCF Store on Hargett Street. I walked through the door and immediately spotted this tartan scarf. It is medium weight, not too bulky. It will be perfect for fall, and the pop of color will look so good with my white wool trench coat. I might wear this beauty clear into spring!

While waiting to use the dressing room, idly flipping through the womens' sweaters, I came across this find. Banana Republic... extra-fine merino wool... in my size! With all womens' sweaters only $4.50 there was nothing to think twice about. Who could resist the button front or full sleeves?

A few days later I paid a visit to the Bargain Box in Cameron Village. This store has a large selection of 'VIP' brands: Ann Taylor, J Crew, Banana Republic, etc. I scored this soft blue cashmere sweater for only $10. I like cashmere, but I love getting cashmere for next to nothing.

My last stop was Get Dressed For Less on West Street. I picked up these brown leather boots for only $12! From the looks of them they had hardly been worn. That's about to change big time because I'm going to wear these babies with jeans, skirts and dresses all season long.

Shopping thrift stores is the ultimate way to go green. You pay a fraction of retail cost, so you're keeping money in your wallet and you give an old piece a new life, keeping it out of a landfill and reducing the need for newly produced goods.

What interesting finds have you gotten from a thrift store?


Melissa said...

Wow, I cannot believe the boots were only 12 dollars! That is an exceptional bargain.

Rach H said...

Love those boot. Can we go thrifting the next time I'm in the Triangle?

Anonymous said...

Looove GCF on Hargett. I just gota gap shirt, land's end cardigan and a sweet banana republic blazer all for like 10 bucks. Amazing!! Can't wait to check out the one on west street- thanks for the tip!

Allison said...

Melissa- I could hardly believe it myself!

Rach- I would love to take you thrifting!

Claire- Be prepared to be wowed! They have sooo much stuff!

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